[Digikam-devel] [showfoto] [Bug 312549] showfoto does not correctly rotate images in the main view

ar at home ar at home
Fri Mar 1 08:17:07 GMT 2013


--- Comment #12 from ar at home <kphoto2 at o2online.de> ---
(In reply to comment #10)
> >e. g. do we have db infos?
> Showfoto do not use a DB. It take Exif orientation flag info from file
> metadata and that all...
> Can you share some images which have the problem in your computer
> Gilles Caulier

I know that showfoto as a standalone application doesn't use a db but digikam
does and if the component is called as the digikam editor information from the
digikam-db is used. Called as showfoto it should read the exifs an it does so
for the thumbs in the thumbbar and for the slideshow but not for the image in
the main view.

You'll find a landscape image attached (exif orientation 6)

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