[Digikam-devel] postgreSQL backend

me dont know maxtaager at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 19:38:06 GMT 2013

just wanted to mention that i have been working on a postgreSQL backend
with success the last past days and i will continue to do so when i find
time in the little spare time i have. i Havent been able to store any
images in the database and such yet but i am making progress and i plan to
use postgreSQL in a relational way using cascading and foreign keys,
explicit select. which dosent seems to be the case for the sqlite/mysql
backends. I am not critizing the current mysql/sqlite implementation since
i only have minimal experience with those database while i am a postgreSQL
developer/nerd. The whole motivation behind this project is that i dont get
to play with my beloved database much at work for for the moment, so i need
my fix and the idea of storing images (here thumbnails) is a intriguing

So basically i am doing this to stroke my ego and enjoy my self, so dont
ask when it will be done! When i have some code to show ill do it and i am
more willing to discuss the table design before it is done.

see you at fosdem
thanks for all your great work over the years! :)
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