[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 309254] Contact informations from template aren't written to xmp-tags of jpg-files

Knut Hildebrandt knut.hildebrandt at yahoo.de
Sun Jan 13 05:16:03 GMT 2013


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--- Comment #4 from Knut Hildebrandt <knut.hildebrandt at yahoo.de> ---
(In reply to comment #3)

Just downloaded the latest source code via git and compiled it. From my point
of view the bug still exists. Neither Gimp 2.8 nor gwenview 2.8.4 nor digikams
built-in metadata editor show the Tags.

Checked them with exiv2 and they are there, as you already have stated. But the
ones written with digikam3.0.0 look different than the ones written with

Exiv2 output digikam3.0.0 (five values filled):
Xmp.iptc.Location                            XmpText     0  
Xmp.iptc.CreatorContactInfo                  XmpText     0  type="Struct"
Xmp.iptc.CreatorContactInfo/Iptc4xmpCore:CiAdrCity XmpText     6  Berlin
Xmp.iptc.CreatorContactInfo/Iptc4xmpCore:CiAdrCtry XmpText    11  Deutschland
Xmp.iptc.CreatorContactInfo/Iptc4xmpCore:CiAdrExtadr XmpText     1   
Xmp.iptc.CreatorContactInfo/Iptc4xmpCore:CiAdrPcode XmpText     1   
Xmp.iptc.CreatorContactInfo/Iptc4xmpCore:CiAdrRegion XmpText     0  
Xmp.iptc.CreatorContactInfo/Iptc4xmpCore:CiEmailWork XmpText    24  mail@
Xmp.iptc.CreatorContactInfo/Iptc4xmpCore:CiTelWork XmpText    15  +49-
Xmp.iptc.CreatorContactInfo/Iptc4xmpCore:CiUrlWork XmpText    30  http://www.

Exiv2 output digikam2.5.0 (five values filled):
Xmp.iptc.CountryCode                         XmpText     0  
Xmp.iptc.Location                            XmpText     0  
Xmp.iptc.CiAdrCity                           XmpText     6  Berlin
Xmp.iptc.CiAdrCtry                           XmpText    11  Deutschland
Xmp.iptc.CiAdrExtadr                         XmpText     1   
Xmp.iptc.CiAdrPcode                          XmpText     1   
Xmp.iptc.CiAdrRegion                         XmpText     0  
Xmp.iptc.CiEmailWork                         XmpText    24  mail@
Xmp.iptc.CiTelWork                           XmpText    15  +49-
Xmp.iptc.CiUrlWork                           XmpText    30  http://www.

For me the question is, are the three programs I use to visualize the tag buggy
or lies the bug in the new way they are written into the files?

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