[Digikam-devel] current git compile fixes on OS X

bkn at ithryn.net bkn at ithryn.net
Fri Jan 11 15:12:32 GMT 2013

> > There are more changes that will likely come, but i haven't been able to
> > compile all of digikam yet as i keep on get undefined symbols when using
> > the
> > internal liblqr source. Anyone get the internal version of liblqr
> > compiling w/
> > clang on linux?
> this lib must be available through Macports normally. I don't touch to MAC
> env. since few month...
It is in macports. eventually was able to compile it successfully using the 
library in macports; so i will also update the readme.macosx at some point. 

I will still try to resolve the linking error when the internal version of 
liblqr is used, it just makes sense to have it working everywhere, if 

 - brad

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