[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 312999] many pictures not shown in preview and slideshow, program crashes

boogiedownde at yahoo.de boogiedownde at yahoo.de
Thu Jan 10 20:50:04 GMT 2013


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> Could you temporarily stash your image database and create a new one with
> only 20 or so pictures, and only JPEGs and see if the problem persists? If
> it does not, can you add a few large tiffs and see if the problems come
> back? Thank you!

Tried it: Created a new database, added 22 JPEGs only, everything worked fine -
I had to choose "rebuild thumbnails" though, but afterwards everything worked.
Adding 37 large tiffs (about 13 Mpx/50MB each) also worked, but it took about
15 minutes to build the thumbnails, and afterwards even the JPGS-preview was
much slower.
Then added more and more tiffs and jpegs, everything worked up until appr. 1300
pictures, among them hundreds of tiffs. This encouraged me to try to add the
whole collection again, but now the programme crashes at about 85%, crashed
three times already without finishing. Maybe the amount of data ist too much?
Didn't think it's that unusual... Btw. the pictures are on a usb-harddisc, the
database is on a local drive. And I can't send an automated crash report.

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