[Digikam-devel] digikam update entire source tree

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Sat Dec 21 12:59:29 GMT 2013

> What ./gits perl scrip doing(I read that it runs git command in each slave
> repo)?

As it is impractical to change into all >10 sub-repositories by hand and 
execute git commands, there is this script which does it for you.
I mainly use it for pull and status.

> Why git submodules not used?

When we set up the current project layout and infrastructure, we evaluated all 
flavors of submodule technology available at the time.
One of the first things that became clear is the git submodules were not 
suitable. It seems to be one of the most cumbersome solutions for our purpose.
In particular, the fact that child repos are referenced by specific commit 
instead of HEAD and the necessity to commit to the sub-repo first and then 
update the reference in the parent repo, and the chance to mess up all other's 
source trees if you forget the first step, make this technology unfortunately 
a failed design for us (harsh words because I am disappointed about it)

> And the main question how to update enture source tree(with all slave
> repos)?

In the software-collection directory
./gits up

where up is at least an alias for "pull --rebase" or, preferably, for David 
Faure's script which stashes all local changes first.

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