[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 322789] Enabling "color managed view" in editor slows down tool startup

Peter Albrecht px79 at crazymonkeys.de
Sat Dec 14 10:00:53 GMT 2013


--- Comment #10 from Peter Albrecht <px79 at crazymonkeys.de> ---
Gilles, thanks a lot for posting your icc profile! (I use a ColorHug, too ;)
Unfortunately using your icc profile leads to the same, long waitingtime.

But I have discovered another interesting fact for this issue:
DigiKam 3.1.0, which worked fine for me, in gentoo linux was build with LCMS
says "media-libs/lcms:0" which is "slot 0" containing version LCMS 1.19)

DigiKam 3.2.0 and digiKam 3.5.0, which both lead to long waitingtimes for me,
in gentoo linux are build with LCMS 2.x.
depend on "media-libs/lcms:2" which is "slot 2" containing version LCMS 2.x)

I tested digiKam with LCMS versions 2.3 and 2.5, which lead both to long
waitingtimes at opening Tools like "Brightness / Contrast / Gamma" in Image

In comment #4 you wrote:
> No. LCMS 1 and 2 can be installed at the same time. digiKam will be compile
> with 1 or 2. There is no risk of dysfunction...
Is this still valid for digiKam 3.5.0? If, yes, I could build my digiKam with
LCMS 1.19 and get rid of the long waiting times, again.

Which version of LCMS do you use with digiKam?

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