[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 314441] Rename settings and auto-rotation during import ignored [patch]

Peter Albrecht px79 at crazymonkeys.de
Fri Dec 13 14:12:42 GMT 2013


--- Comment #69 from Peter Albrecht <px79 at crazymonkeys.de> ---
Bug checked against digikam 3.5.0 (KDE 4.10.5, gentoo linux):
I can confirm Stefano Ferri's  comment #64
> This bug is still present in 3.3. It is partially solved, in the sense that
> now the basename is  changed (i.e., DSC_2546.JPG can be changed to
> my_name_007.JPG), but, sadly, other rename options are ignored or applied in
> a bad way...

And comment #65
> ... Options tested as non-working: [cam], [dir]
> Working: [file], [date] (I've tested these ones)

For import from SD card, my default setting is:
expected result: "EOS-img_2108.jpg"
actual result: "-img_2108.jpg"

So "[file]", "[ext]" and "{lower}" work. But "[cam]{range...}" only brings up
an empty string.
Also "[meta:Exif.Image.Model]", "[meta:Exif.Canon.ImageType]",
"[dir]" and a sole "[cam]" (without "range"-modifier) only give an empty
These are the points I tested. This matches with Stefano Ferri's test results.

Also "Auto-rotate/flip image" does not work. Portraits are not automatically 
rotated, but remain in landscape orientation.

In the console debug output one can find a lot of 
  "Cannot load metadata from file   (Error # 9 :  IMG_1995.JPG: Failed to open
the data source:  (errno = 2)"
The reason might be: "IMG_1995.JPG" was the original image name on SD card,
but while importing the picture is renamed to "-img_1995.jpg" (see above).
So the error message is correct. But the question is, why does digikam look for 
files with the old name?

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