[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 328430] Maximum thumbnail size of 256px is too small for big screens

Gregor Müllegger gregor at muellegger.de
Wed Dec 11 18:57:07 GMT 2013


--- Comment #8 from Gregor Müllegger <gregor at muellegger.de> ---
A suggestion to how old entries in the thumbnails DB could be treated:

Users might have set their thumbnail size to 200px with the current version of
digikam. Once bigger thumbnails are allowed in a digikam release, the currently
selected size stays at the user defined 200px but the slider allows for values
up to the new maximum (let's say 512px).

Currently the DB is filled with thumbnails of the size 256px. As long as the
user doesn't increase the thumbnail size above 256px, nothing should happen. If
the user increases it to 257 or above, the thumbnails for the currently shown
directory should be recalculated, but till the recalculation finished, the old
thumbnails are shown but are upsized. So you can at least see what's in the
picture, but get a pixalated bad thumbnail until the computation is complete.

That also happens when you have now the slider at 512px and enter another
directory with smaller thumbnails. Once you have for 512px thumbnails but
decrease the thumbnail size slider to below 256px, no recomputation will be
made. The 512px version is shown, downsized.

Additionally recalculating the thumbnails via the maintainer dialog should
produce thumbnails in the size of 512px and discard smaller ones.

I don't have any knowledge of the digikam code structure, so I don't know how
reasonable the explained strategy is. See this just as an inspiration for a
possible implementation :)

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