[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 323062] digikam (core): Schema update to V 7 failed!

TSa thomas at sandlass.de
Sun Aug 25 14:16:04 BST 2013


--- Comment #20 from TSa <thomas at sandlass.de> ---
HaloO Marcel,

great to hear that the bug is fixed! And I hope you keep an eye on it for
future schema updates. Because then you might need to rename the function
to updateV4toV8 if that still fits the bill or do something more sophisticated
depending on the changes in the schema.

I can live with my patched 3.2 on kubuntu 13.04 for now and I think at the time
of an update to 13.10 which currently has digikam 3.3 my schema will be already
on V7. So the bug will be irrelevant to me.

Should I keep my old digikam file for regression testing or do you have an
where you can check the version transitions? BTW, is it sufficient to keep the
file or do I need all the photos in the right place?

Regards TSa.

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