[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 314441] Rename settings and auto-rotation during import ignored [patch]

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Wed Aug 14 09:56:15 BST 2013


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--- Comment #64 from Stefano Ferri <ferriste at gmail.com> ---
This bug is still present in 3.3. It is partially solved, in the sense that now
the basename is  changed (i.e., DSC_2546.JPG can be changed to
my_name_007.JPG), but, sadly, other rename options are ignored or applied in a
bad way.
For example, let's say we want to rename some photos to bird_001.JPG: one need
to enter bird_### in the rename mask. Well, digiKam accepts the basename, the
fact that there should be 3 digits, but chooses the number by itself. In the
above example, numbering should start from 1, while digiKam insists to start
numbering from a number that seems to be the position in the import view. More
precisely, if the image is the 8th in the view, numbering starts (as far as I
have tried) from 9 or so.
Also bird_###[10] is ignored: the number between square brackets doesn't mean
nothing to digiKam.

Other options (like [cam], etc) don't work.

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