[Digikam-devel] [digikam] [Bug 323062] digikam (core): Schema update to V 7 failed!

Rainer Dorsch ml at bokomoko.de
Mon Aug 12 22:07:14 BST 2013


--- Comment #12 from Rainer Dorsch <ml at bokomoko.de> ---
No, I upgraded at 2013-04-12 from digikam 2.9 to 3.1 (see Comment 2 above).

I tried to add coordinates and tags to movies again, but that did (at least
this time) not trigger the problem.

I have no idea, how I (or better digikam) managed to get DBVersion=6 back. The
only chance I see is to compare the two digikam4.db files and check what else
changed. As I said, if you are interested in that, I am happy to provide the db
files. If you think it is not worth, because there are more severe issues, in
which your time is better invested, also fine with me.


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