[Digikam-devel] [Bug 312054] cannot add a collection on the network in linux mint (gnome-based environment)

John jrussell_88 at yahoo.com.sg
Mon Dec 31 11:54:56 GMT 2012


--- Comment #9 from John <jrussell_88 at yahoo.com.sg> ---
That's what I thought - I am using Samba to connect to my network share in
Digikam's Settings - Configure Digikam - Collections menu. 

This shows Local Collections, Collections in Removable Media, and Collections
on Network Shares. The Add Collections button for Network Shares brings up a
network connections dialogue box for Samba shares ('Choose the folder
containing your collection') - I select my Samba server and enter my username
and password. I navigate to a folder on the server; select OK. The network
address shows: 'smb://servername/Public/myname/Pictures'. I click OK; the
dialogue box closes and.... nothing. There is no connection to the server under
'Network Shares'.

This seems like a problem to me. 

I've also set up an automounted CIFS/Samba mount point for the server on my
machine (using cifs-utils and an fstab entry), with which I have repeated the
process. Digikam allows me to set up the collection as a Network Share, and
lists it in Collection Settings - Root Album Folders. But it doesn't show up
under 'My Albums' in the main viewing screen and I can't see a way to access it
via Digikam. 

Am I missing something here? 

Any help would be much appreciated!

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