[Digikam-devel] [Bug 306092] creation date as file name - doesn't work in BQM

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Mon Dec 24 14:45:33 GMT 2012


--- Comment #13 from Marcel Wiesweg <marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de> ---
Current status as per MWG:
* Original Date/Time – Creation date of the intellectual content (e.g. the
       rather than the creation date of the content being shown
        Exif DateTimeOriginal (36867, 0x9003) and SubSecTimeOriginal (37521,
        IPTC DateCreated (IIM 2:55, 0x0237) and TimeCreated (IIM 2:60, 0x023C)
        XMP (photoshop:DateCreated)
        (+ an XMP Exif key)
* Digitized Date/Time – Creation date of the digital representation
        Exif DateTimeDigitized (36868, 0x9004) and SubSecTimeDigitized (37522,
        IPTC DigitalCreationDate (IIM 2:62, 0x023E) and DigitalCreationTime
(IIM 2:63, 0x023F)
        XMP (xmp:CreateDate)
        (+ an XMP Exif key)
* Modification Date/Time – Modification date of the digital image file
        Exif DateTime (306, 0x132) and SubSecTime (37520, 0x9290)
        XMP (xmp:ModifyDate)

We are missing libkexiv2 methods cleanly separating these 3 different fields,
but most of this is supported for reading and writing.

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