[Digikam-devel] [Bug 156186] Sorting of albums other than alphabetically

Ewald Müller EMuede at netscape.net
Mon Dec 17 23:59:13 GMT 2012


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--- Comment #10 from Ewald Müller <EMuede at netscape.net> ---
I would like to have a different sort-order based upon the album-properties.
Reason: I've many films digitized from 'analog' sources (dias, film-rolls),
where i ordered an extra cd when the film was developed. Since i used a nikon
(analog) the pictures (with exactly the same timestamp) are always numbered
descending (imm_036 ... imm_001): so that import should be shown in descending

Now there are many albums in the collection taken from digital sources with
EXIF-data, which should be sorted ascending (by exif-time-field).

Is it posibble to implement a default order (ascending) for each new created
album while the existing albums remain -as they were- descending ?

This property could be shown as a small icon in the folder-view

Thanks for your time


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