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Peter F e.edak at franken-net.de
Mon Dec 17 20:29:14 GMT 2012


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--- Comment #7 from Peter F <e.edak at franken-net.de> ---
I think, this bug report contains two different symlink "feature
1. The original report describes the problem, that a user can't see, if an
image is related to a  "real" file or just a symbolic link. (I agree, it would
be very nice to see the difference and, optionally, to hide each one of those
kinds - means: Sometimes I like to see the real ones, only, sometimes the
symlinks, and in some cases I need both)
2. The first comment by Johannes NieƟ describes a feature which was IMHO
available in earlier versions of digiKam isn't available anymore in 2.8.0 which
I'm using in Ubuntu 12.10 right now. The availability to easily create symlinks
to a list of selected images by ctrl-shift-drag to an external folder (or even
an internal album) is extremely useful: It connects the "outside world" to the
digiKam DB without just copying the images files to another location. I used it
to create a selection for ordering prints or to burn those images on a CD. With
a folder of symlinked images I can use any tool I like to do what I want, not
just KIPI-plugins, and a symlink need just a few bytes in the FS instead of the
MBs of an image file.
(Even Windows NTFS, BTW, supports soft links, too, so the feature might also be
interesting for Windows-Users)

Since these are two different features, I would request to split this report
into two.

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