[Digikam-devel] [Bug 310977] applying data (exif, iptc, xmp caption) in "Edit all Metadata" window inconsistent - results in data loss

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Tue Dec 4 08:35:19 GMT 2012


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           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|applying data (exif, iptc,  |applying data (exif, iptc,
                   |xmp caption) in "Edit all   |xmp caption) in "Edit all
                   |Metadata" window            |Metadata" window
                   |inconsistent                |inconsistent - results in
                   |                            |data loss

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results in data loss

another example: viewing for example ten images to check the xmp caption shows
wrong information:

Steps to Reproduce: 1. mark some (example: 3) images in thumbnails window. The
first two have (different) xmp captions, the other eight have empty xmp
2. choose "Image > Metadata > Edit all Metadata ..."
3. choose "Edit XMP > Content" (you are editing/viewing the first image)
4. You can see the caption of the first image
5. click "Next"
4. You can see the caption of the second image
5. click "Next"
6. You should see an empty caption, because this image doesn't have one - but
you see the caption of the second image
7... you see the caption of the second image for all the rest of the images ...

so you may think the images are tagged and you close the editor ... but there
is no information in this tag ...

like this, the use of the metadata editor leads to unpredictable results in
daily use 
-> if you need the xmp caption digikam/kipiplugins are not usable because they
are not reliable!

this may also be the case for the xmp copyright field 

it gets even worse together with https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=311005

can I deliver more infos to help?

Regards, Schusch

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