[Digikam-devel] status of splitted configs for images and thumbnails databases

Francesco Riosa francesco at pnpitalia.it
Tue Sep 20 12:18:07 BST 2011

     ... it's not good for release

I was programming to be able to fix the issues in the month release 
cycle but had overestimated my free time and problems involved.

The mentioned issues are:

1) the user interface is suboptimal see attached screenshots, it should 
at least provide a button to copy the options from one db config to the 
Better the widget should open with only one database config visible (if 
database are currently the same) and go to a double set of options only 
on user request.

2) Removal of mysql "internal database" option, this one has been 
completely untested by me, I've strong feeling nobody is using it (even 
under windows).
But we need a large survey on our users, because I do want to remove the 
functionality /without/ migration plan. That's clearly not possible if 
we have at least one user of internal database.
Rationale for removal is:
- the mysql forks are increasing, there is a real possibility that 
distro will start using these forks, while most provide at least some 
compatibility as client (for us it's abstracted by qtSql) no-one of the 
executable tools will be guaranteed to be there and named the same.
- It's wrong, wrong, wrong, sqlite is an embedded database, has some 
limitations and inconsistencies (see problems on btrfs) but it's born to 
be embedded and does it well (it's the de facto standard). Mysql is a 
system/global database - period -

3) there are isolation problems at connection level, some query intended 
to run on thumbnails database are executed on the images one. While this 
should be easy to fix make me think there are more issues waiting to be 
discovered. Those require an in deep look which should be done relaxed 
and not under release pressure.

so it's ok if I do revert the few commits that are related to splitted 
config and continue my work in sql/2.0 branch until it's more palatable?

migrating should be easy enough
Comment #28
Comment #45


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