[Digikam-devel] separate branch for releases

sleepless sleeplessregulus at hetnet.nl
Tue Sep 20 07:58:44 BST 2011

Op 19-09-11 22:13, Marcel Wiesweg schreef:
>> When was the last release, everybody was told that 2 weeks before the
>> release, no features must be commited in branch master, only bugfixes.
>> i thinks is not right to stop the development process and i have a small
>> suggestion:
>> A month before release of certain version of digikam, to create a separate
>> branch, where only bugfixes and be applied.I don't know, maybe to apply
>> bugfixes on both master and new release branch and delete the branch or
>> simply to add bugfixes and merge the branch after release.
>> Also, branch can give us  more time for testing, so we could prevent
>> situations like these:
>> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=281767
>> and development process won't stop especially when you need to apply fixes
>> that depends on code that wasn't commited yet
> Suggestions like these are fully justified in larger projects. If you look at
> the commit log of digikam, you'll see Gilles, me, and Francesco doing the
> majority of commits. Who is going to backport bug fixes? Who is going to
> maintain the branch? Who is going to test it?
> There is another point: A commit freeze forces developers to do bug fixing.
> Feature development is fun, bug fixing is tedious. So we need to force
> ourselves to do it.
See it this way. You are carrying a sick baby around, being so busy to 
learn it new tricks that you forget to cure it. Who are you going to 
learn new tricks if your baby dies. If I only could program at your 
level I would care my baby uh your baby, and cure carefully any little itch.

I can see clearly that this is some real problem here. The project need 
more programmers. Is there not a way to attract them. Go commercial? 
Work together with a local school? A project like digikam should be able 
to make enough money to pay it´s programmers. It is a diamond. 
6000000000 photographing people and no competition at this level. 
Imagine, dream...

Send a letter to Bill.

Best regards,
> Third, with git, it is possible to have either local commits or even local or
> remote feature branches if a larger patch is to be developed.7
> Marcel
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