[Digikam-devel] batch always create new version?

Pierre Hanser hanser at club-internet.fr
Mon Sep 12 19:53:14 BST 2011


some context before questions:

i want to export some albums from digikam to a local directory
to be used by a a program that cycles through the pictures to
change the background of my desktop.

pictures need to be reduced in size and converted in png at least.

i tried to achieve this by setting a batch job.

quite ok but i have questions:

1) is it mandatory that the destination directory be a digikam album?

2) is it mandatory that a batch job implies making a new version
   of the pictures (with disappearance from the source directory)

I realize that if the answers are both yes, this is coherent.
But in this case why not offer the possibility to use the power
of batch jobs to behave more like an export if use wants that?

thanks for your tips

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