[Digikam-devel] [Bug 281767] digikam 2.1 will not start

Francesco Riosa francesco+kde at pnpitalia.it
Mon Sep 12 19:14:29 BST 2011


--- Comment #30 from Francesco Riosa <francesco+kde pnpitalia it>  2011-09-12 18:14:29 ---
Steps in Comment #28 are confirmed and sufficient and - no data loss is
involved -

small addition to 2rd): "Internal Database Server=false" should be kept (it's
re-created but to be safe keep it)

and explanation: those settings will be used in future versions of digikam, if
they are unset then DK will read the old settings and migrate to new config.

If instead the settings are present it will simply plain using it, then if the
"old" settings have been changed by an "old" version of DK the changes will be
lost, not inside the database, but DK will start a different database than the
most recent one.
"old" digikam mean version < 2.2.0 with exclusion of 2.1.0-r1 (or whatever
2.1.0 your distro provided)

explanation for 3rd) is @ bug #277242

Possibly there is a thumbnails db tainting your image db but should do no harm
if not on the database size.

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