[Digikam-devel] [Bug 281767] digikam 2.1 will not start

Francesco Riosa francesco+kde at pnpitalia.it
Sun Sep 11 22:44:38 BST 2011


--- Comment #19 from Francesco Riosa <francesco+kde pnpitalia it>  2011-09-11 21:44:38 ---
One more note:
Since old database settings are not deleted, just copyed and splitted;
users which didn't changed database settings in the meantime should be safe.

Looking at the users messages and screenshots in digikam-users there are
various degrees of tainting, seem that different distro used different commits
for the 2.1.0 snapshot (at least one must have my full patch) those that cannot
start the first time after upgrade but that can work after the second launch
for example have the full patch.

Anyway I'll definitely wait more time to commit after a tag the next releases.

Nicolas, just to be sure, please none of my commits should slip into 2.1.1.
If some of the files is positive to the 'tmb[A-Z]' pattern, then it's tainted.

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