[Digikam-devel] [Bug 281718] Thumbnails only generate for certain video files but not others even though all from same camera on same day.

yellowsblog at blueyonder.co.uk yellowsblog at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Sep 10 14:58:33 BST 2011


--- Comment #2 from  <yellowsblog blueyonder co uk>  2011-09-10 13:58:32 ---
I already have mplayerthumbs installed, I've already told dolphin to build for
maximum of 9999mb files although its buggy and resets its self to 1809mb, I
left machine rebuilding thumbs for hours I've reimported 2TB of video files
only 80% make thumbs As a test I set Dolphin to add film strip effect to edge
of plugins and rebuild all thumbs for 2TB of video files it took hours and I
now have a few extra thumbs with film strip and the majoritu don't so Digikam
hasn't even rebuilt all thumbs at all.

I'm a Gnome user but today I installed a complete KDE Desktop and tried under
KDE desktop apart from being inredibly sluggish to use Digikam failed again to
rebuild all thumbs.

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