[Digikam-devel] [Bug 271323] Digikam crashes when building thumbnails of grayscale DNGs

Alex Tutubalin lexa at lexa.ru
Fri May 27 08:08:09 BST 2011


--- Comment #10 from Alex Tutubalin <lexa lexa ru>  2011-05-27 09:08:08 ---
For dcraw_make_mem_image call you *should* take libraw_processed_image_t.colors
field into account. For grayscale image this field is equal to 1 and bitmap
allocated according to exact color count:
 === quote from source ===
unsigned ds = S.height * S.width * (O.output_bps/8) * P1.colors;
libraw_processed_image_t *ret =
ret->colors = P1.colors;

For thumbnail things are simpler:
 for libraw_processed_image_t.type == LIBRAW_THUMBNAIL_BITMAP  the
libraw_processed_image_t.colors is always 3
 and for libraw_processed_image_t.type == LIBRAW_THUMBNAIL_JPEG the thumbnail
is JPEG data (libraw does not analyse this type of thumbnails)

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