[Digikam-devel] [Bug 273137] Make XMP Side Car Files Hidden Or Use Separate Database To Store Them

Kristopher K. Kruger bugs.kde.org at yknott.cjb.net
Fri May 13 19:18:21 BST 2011


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--- Comment #2 from Kristopher K. Kruger <bugs kde org yknott cjb net>  2011-05-13 20:18:19 ---
How about a way to configure where the files are stored and perhaps how they
are named? One pet peeve about picasa is that it stores that .ini file in each
folder. I would want it to look at the files there but store its data about
them elsewhere. This goes for MS Windows - using thumbs.db is fine but again I
do not want it to appear there in the directory with my pictures. And now the
same with digikam. 

Thanks for the good work and I look forward to your suggestions and further

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