[Digikam-devel] [Bug 254533] make MySQL support as optional dependency [patch]

Francesco Riosa francesco+kde at pnpitalia.it
Tue May 10 20:26:32 BST 2011


--- Comment #11 from Francesco Riosa <francesco+kde pnpitalia it>  2011-05-10 21:26:30 ---
(In reply to comment #9)
> Francesco,
> This is an important patch to test about Mysql dependency. It can be a good
> exercise to play with CMake. 

always good to learn, I was near to include the FindMySQL.cmake from kdelibs
but that one check for other things.

> Did you manage it ?
> Thanks in advance
> Gilles Caulier

thinking a bit more about it IMHO the problem is in a different place;

Well, I've been a Gentoo developer in the past and created the
/etc/init.d/mysql used there for some year until a better one replaced it

Let me say it's not easy to manage a database server born to be a full blown
server, not even only start it.
There are a miriad of little stupid things that can go wrong and with a large
userbase GO wrong.

Magically you become the user personal sysadmin, go to debug the user problems
again and again, please give me the logs, please repair that broken table
Also they require maintenaince, for mysql it's OPTIMIZE/REPAIR table for
postgres is vacuum for oracle will be something else.

To sum it up mysql, and postgres are databases that should be managed as a
system installation, managed explicitly from the user or possibly by the

SQLite is another story, it's born to be an embeddable database, and does that
work quite well.

I would suggest starting from digikam 2.0 to support mysql only as an external,
already running database.

and PostScriptum
this whole thing apply also to amarok, coming kdepimlibs and every other kde

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