[Digikam-devel] [Bug 268267] Digikam crashes on picture import

Pierre Hanser hanser at club-internet.fr
Thu May 5 05:53:10 BST 2011


--- Comment #20 from Pierre Hanser <hanser club-internet fr>  2011-05-05 06:53:05 ---
I think the core of the problem is in libdc1394: looking at the code,
it looks like it can use various internal backends, one of which being
usb. So the symbol usb_init is not intended to be public! The library
leaks internal symbol...

There are various solutions, one which which is not a real solution
but which involves only digikam would be to have libusb early on
the link line; as libraries are guaranteed to be searched from left 
to right. basically it's what the LD_PRELOAD trick does, but at run

It would imply modifying the link of digikam, but also of showfoto
and may be other binaries I am not aware of.

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