[Digikam-devel] use of uuid in database

Roger Larsson roger.larsson at e-gatan.se
Tue May 3 09:49:11 BST 2011

I recently bought a new hard drive copied all my /home stuff to it.
Used the old disk as a backup
- mounted in /mnt/backup
- moved all files on it into /mnt/backup/home (as I will use it to backup /etc 

This breaks digikam badly all tags disapear... but it could have been worse...

I have come to the conclusion that this is the root cause of my problems is
because of the uuid. It could have been worse...
If I simply had mounted the old disk as /mnt/backup it would have "worked"
with all new files going to the "backup" disk...

Tried the trick below - yea, I had backups of digikam4.db!

> sqlite3 digikam4.db
update AlbumRoots set identifier="volumeid:?path=/home" where 

(Actually not the "were..." since all my folders were located under /home)

But starting digikam causes a rescan... (might be because I upgraded to 
OpenSuSE Tumbleweed, using digikam 1.9)
It is still scanning... but I am worried...


> > On Wednesday 13 August 2008 21:36:38 gerhard at mail.morbitzer.de wrote:
> > > I have a problem with 0.10b3 where digikam is innocent:
> > > I use btrfs 0.16 (linux equivalent of zfs) for my /home. btrfs is not 
> > > supported by volume-id0, so the UUID is not detected by the system and
> > > digikam. And digikam 0.10 doesn't work with my image folder as it stores
> > > the UUID in the DB collection path, 0.9.5 works perfectly.
> > >
> > > Is there any trick to convince digikam to accept my drive?
> > >
> > > Gerhard
> >
> > I found a solution to my problem. Marcel has built-in three different ways
> > of uniquely identifying a collection
> > - uuid
> > - path
> > - hash on root folder (for CD/DVD)
> >
> > The solution in my case is:
> > - to have a backup of digikam4db (otherwise as soon as you open digikam 
> > DB wil be corrupted with the new uuid-less drive)
> > - to open digikam4.db and change in the AlbumRoots the Identifier from
> > volumeid:?uuid=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  to  volumeid:?path=/home (if
> > /home is the the volume of the uuid-less drive.
> > - that's it, start digikam 0.10 and all is there.
> We have definitely to solve this in code, so that a path identifier is used 
> the uuid is invalid. These are just situations that have never been tested. 
> will look at t he code, where something may go wrong and probably ask you 
> some questions when I find some time. Currently I'm in Sydney and need to 
> the city :-)
> Btw, similar problems may occur when someone starts to use network file 
> systems as album roots. There are still some open ends and it needs testing.
> Marcel

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