[Digikam-devel] [Bug 268267] Digikam crashes on picture import

Thomas Caswell tcaswell at gmail.com
Tue May 3 04:07:07 BST 2011


--- Comment #13 from Thomas Caswell <tcaswell gmail com>  2011-05-03 05:06:59 ---
This problem also exists with the rc code compiled on arch linux so this is not
a ubuntu specific issue.

per the suggestion in the mailing list from Pierre Hanser
(http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/digikam-devel/2011-April/050653.html) starting
digikam from the command line as:

[tcaswell at inara ~]$ LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libusb.so digikam
libdc1394 error: Failed to initialize libdc1394

The error relating to libdc1394 is not generated without the LD_PRELOAD.

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