[Digikam-devel] [Bug 268688] Write metadata to all images does not remove obsolete tags

Ilia K. mail4ilia at gmail.com
Sun May 1 22:45:50 BST 2011


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--- Comment #8 from Ilia K. <mail4ilia gmail com>  2011-05-01 23:45:48 ---
I've tried today to rename a tag and stumbled upon this bug (using digikam
2.0-beta4). After playing a little bit I've found a workaround which should
allow me to rename tags for multiple images at once without the tedious manual

This may be interested to OP (Mark Fraser) and other users affected by the bug,
as well as to developers as an example how renaming may be easily implemented
on top of existing features.

In order to rename tag "foo" into "bar" do:
0. if tag "bar" doesn't exist, create one
   (e.g. choose in the main menu: "Tag->New...")
1. in the main menu choose "Browse->Tags".
   "My Tags" hierarchy is opened on the left
2. choose the existing "foo" tag.
   all files assigned this tag are displayed in the main view
3. select all files in the main view (Ctrl+A)
4. open "Caption/tags" right pane
5. choose (check) "bar" tag in "My Tags" tree in the right pane
6. uncheck "foo" tag in the same tree
7. press "Apply" in the right pane
8. in the main menu choose "Image->Write Metadata to Selected Images".
   I'm not sure whether this step is always required, since in my
   configuration metadata is written to files automatically.

I've tested this workflow using digikam 2.0-beta4 as the only photo management
software, using XMP sidecar.

BTW, this bug is relevant to tag *removal* and *move* as well:
- if you delete a tag which is assigned to some files, the tag is removed from
DB, but not from these files.
- if you move the tag which is assigned to some files across tag hierarchy
(e.g. foo/test_tag -> bar/test_tag), DB is updated but not the file metadata.
Actually, this is equivalent to regular tag renaming.

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