[Digikam-devel] [Bug 274660] Face regognition crashes DK

Frederic Grelot fredericg_99 at yahoo.fr
Sun Jun 19 16:24:20 CEST 2011


--- Comment #26 from Frederic Grelot <fredericg_99 yahoo fr>  2011-06-19 16:24:17 ---
Thanks Marcel for the hint... I didn't read the full bugreport (I'm not sure if
I had it entirely in KDE's reporting tool... that's why...).
I managed to go around it by adding a check in the caller's function (in
/core/utilities/batch/batchfacedetector.cpp:slotShowOneDetected), not in the
function itself...
I thought it was more appropriate, since KFace provides a "isNull" function :
it should thus be the the caller's responsibility to ask if the image is null
or not, and then call (or not call...) toQImage. By the way, toQImage should
then return NULL, not an empty QImage, but that's just my opinion (and I'm not
a c++, but a java developper, so my methods/conventions may be different than

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