[Digikam-devel] [Bug 205776] "Embedded preview loads full image size" does not only do what it says, confusing users

Matti Rintala bitti at cs.tut.fi
Thu Sep 23 16:36:51 CEST 2010


--- Comment #50 from Matti Rintala <bitti cs tut fi>  2010-09-23 16:36:46 ---

Is there any progress on this "bug"?

I agree with DrSlony (#46) on that "embedded preview / generate preview" or
"embedded preview / decoded preview" with raw files would be clearer than
current functionality.

Especially because in current Digikam there is still heuristics which choose
raw decoded preview instead of embedded if the embedded preview image is less
than half the size of the raw image. So if edit a Nikon raw file and crop it,
the embedded preview image is not shown because Digikam thinks it's "too

This is especially confusing because Digikam still uses embedded preview for
all other raw files, so we get a confusing mix of embedded previews and
raw-decoded previews (and without any indication about which is which).

If Digikam gets non-destructive raw editing some day, this problem will
probably raise its head more and more.

Any chance of getting rid of hard-coded heuristics and simply letting users to
choose whether they want embedded previews or raw-decoded ones?

Matti Rintala

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