[Digikam-devel] [Bug 198063] Digikam startup is extremely slow

Johan Swanepoel johannes.swanepoel at gmail.com
Sun Oct 3 02:17:49 CEST 2010


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--- Comment #29 from Johan Swanepoel <johannes swanepoel gmail com>  2010-10-03 02:17:41 ---
Hi Guys

Firstly let me say I really like Digikam.

I have been experiencing the startup problem for a while now, so hopefully this
information will help. 

Digikam takes about 5-10 minutes to start-up, with scanning for new images
disabled. I had a quick startup once after running cleanup_digikamdb, but it is
slow again after that.

OS: Kubuntu 10.04
File System: EXT 4 (local disk, images and DB in same folder)
Images: 34466 (find . -type f | wc -l)
Average Image Size: 8-15 MP
Album size: 123GB

Startup output:
QSqlDatabasePrivate::removeDatabase: connection 'ConnectionTest' is still in
use, all queries will cease to work.
Time elapsed: 218 ms
Model: Time elapsed: 440 ms
TextureColorizer: Time elapsed: 125 ms
Time elapsed: 2 ms
Model: Time elapsed: 26 ms
QInotifyFileSystemWatcherEngine::addPaths: inotify_add_watch failed: No such
file or directory
QFileSystemWatcher: failed to add paths: /home/johan/.config/ibus/bus
Bus::open: Can not get ibus-daemon's address. 
IBusInputContext::createInputContext: no connection to ibus-daemon

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