[Digikam-devel] Re: Cleaning up the main toolbar

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Wed Nov 17 15:55:54 CET 2010

2010/11/17 Marcel Wiesweg <marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de>:
>> For me all is fine. About menu, the most bloated item is Image, with
>> all plugin actions.
> Yes. Perhaps some of them can go to the edit menu (especially those that do
> image editing more or less ;-) )
>> What's about Tags menu entry. It's lost ? This one is important and
>> must be updated with all main option available from right sidebar
>> (caption/tags pop-up menu)
> I'm not sure about the Album and Tag specific entries. The problem is that
> there are 7 Album action (new, properties, open in..., metadata, delete) only
> applicate if the left sidebar is albums.
> For tags, 3 actions (new, reset thumbnail, delete, properties) are specific to
> the currently selected tag in one of the tag tree views; 2 are global (New
> (toplevel) tag, from address book), some more act on the entries of the tag
> (export, batch), and the rest is very specific to the tree view.
> There are more problems: If you choose from the menu Tag->New, the parent tag
> of the new tag will be the one currently selected in the left sidebar, even if
> a different sidebar is selected on the left.
> So I thought about removing all actions from the main menu which are only
> applicable in a certain state of the left sidebar. But then I am getting
> afraid this would induce UI clutter.
> Alternatives:
> 1) Keep Album/ and Tag/ main menus, but enable them only if the respective
> left sidebar is open. A possible first entry "Browse by" would switch to the
> sidebar
> Problem: entries disabled in many situations
> 2) To the album and tag left sidebar, add at the top a toolbar with three
> entries "Create", "Edit" and "Actions" (or three separate buttons)
> Problem: UI clutter
> 3) In the tree view, for the selected album/tag, draw a symbol,
> something like "v " or even text, and a click on this opens the context menu.
> Problem: still hidden functionality
>> Most of lead pop-up menu entries are missing into main menu from album
>> gui. user must play with digikam before to see pop-up menu. main menu
>> is always visible, so main actions must be there.
>> Under macos-x, i see that pop-up menu available from right mouse
>> button is disable by default. I need to go to Mac Config Panel/Mouse
>> Settings to enable it. Can you image the first impression from a new
>> user under mac.
> Afaik standard Mac mice dont event have a right mouse button?

They have. In fact all is sensivite, button and wheel. It's an
incredible device. I never see the same under PC world. Right it's
expensive, but completly crazy. You can use it as a trackball. With 2
points you can zoom n/out for ex :


> And even with the hardware, many unexperienced users will simply never use the
> context menu.
>> Note : under mac, GoSC2010 code compile fine under XCode...
> great. I was expecting more problems from boost graph ;-)

no. boost is available in macports. It's a great project.



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