[Digikam-devel] People tagging design

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Sat May 22 12:41:18 CEST 2010

> *Detection*:
> I'm tweaking the peopletag project at the moment. It draws it's own
> backgound picture and it is possible to draw and move around rectangles on
> it. I'm completely trashing the nepomuk code from this widget.
> iPhoto does it like this :
> http://www.popgadget.net/images/iphoto_1_blurred.jpg . Unrecognized faces
> are tagged with "unknown".
> Question: digiKam draws it's own preview. Would it be possible to have a
> widget in digiKam that draws the little tag boxes over this preview widget?

Yes it's possible. In the GSoC SVN branch, you'll find a shiny new preview 
widget written with this usecase in mind. I'll send you a mail with some more 

Btw, I have also made up some ideas on the libface Qt wrapper (named libkface 
for now). I'll send you a mail today or tomorrow.

> *Recognition:*

I would like to define the workflow here first.
I have never tried any of the other apps. 

Is this how it is intended to work:
For a batch of all images, or a group of images:
- load the image (background)
- detect faces (background)
- try to recognize faces (background)
- if recognized: tag them preliminarily (need approval);
  if not recognized: tag the region as unknown face (background)
- in a dedicated icon view, show the detected regions with suggested person,
  with the option to remove the region, approve it, assign a different person.

Additionally, there is a "single photo workflow" like in the screenshot you 
gave for detection: On a photo shown as a whole, all detected regions are 
marked, with the suggested person drawn underneath.

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