[Digikam-devel] People tagging design

Michael G. Hansen mike at mghansen.de
Fri May 21 23:51:37 CEST 2010

On 05/21/2010 11:17 PM, Aditya Bhatt wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Since I'm ready to start digiKam+libface integration, I need to discuss how
> the face detection+recognition GUI is to be done in digiKam.
> *Detection*:
> I'm tweaking the peopletag project at the moment. It draws it's own
> backgound picture and it is possible to draw and move around rectangles on
> it. I'm completely trashing the nepomuk code from this widget.
> iPhoto does it like this :
> http://www.popgadget.net/images/iphoto_1_blurred.jpg . Unrecognized faces
> are tagged with "unknown".
> Question: digiKam draws it's own preview. Would it be possible to have a
> widget in digiKam that draws the little tag boxes over this preview widget?
> I don't find the idea of opening a separate window for region tagging very
> appealing.

IMHO, being able to edit tag boxes in the preview would be perfect. 
Since it would make sense anyway to display them there, when browsing 

However, depending on how the actual detection/recognition is 
implemented, and since it looks like it will be a time consuming 
process, maybe an extra non-modal window would be nice, which just shows 
all images where the system wants to ask the user what to do with the 
persons. As an alternative, one could add a new tab on the left side, 
call it "Ongoing face recognition", and the user can check the status 
now and then while he works on other photos, and interact with the 
tagging process.


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