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Ok, I'll try to do this systematically. For this, I'll stick with the picture
names you used: Pic A is the picture where the thumbnail comes from. Pics B (C,
D, ...) are the ones that use the same thumbnail, although they shouldn't.

First, some general regards:
1. A and B can be in different albums.
2. For all pics B,C,D, the thumbnail from the same pic A is always used.
3. As stated in #13, pics B,C,... display wrong information regarding file size
and dimensions. This also goes for Pic A.
4. Now I've also found one pic using its correct thumbnail, but displaying
wrong meta information in album view. Wrong info means here: Dimension 0x0px,
file size 8192B. See [1] at the end for details. I have only found one pic so
far, but that does not necessarily mean its the only one.

Regarding your questions:
1) Yes.
2) Copying pic B via Digikam (Drag'n'drop to different album, select "copy")
results in the following: still wrong thumb for original B, correct thumb for
new B-2, correct file size for B-2, still wrong picture properties as stated
below in [1]. Copying or moving B-2 in Digikam did not change anything,
restarting Digikam didn't change anything either.
3) Touching the files and restarting Digikam afterwards helped, this goes for
pic B as well as pic B-2.

[1]: Album view, attribute tab on the right side, picture selected
File properties: Correct (name, date, etc) except file size (8192B instead of
Picture properties (Bildeigenschaften):
Type: JPEG
Dimensions: Unknown
Color depth: 0 bpp
Color model: Unknown
Photo properties (Fotoeigenschaften): Seem to be correct again

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