[Digikam-devel] Problems Building

Todd Goodman tsg at bonedaddy.net
Sun May 16 15:04:32 CEST 2010

First, my apologies if this is on the wrong mailing list.  I saw other
build issues in the archives on this list so thought I should start

I'm attempting to build Digikam and all related libraries using the
instructions at:


I had some problems at first with the builds not seeing the libraries I
just built in /usr/local because of pkg-config (I'm on Gentoo and it
looks like most of the cmake find files fall back to pkg-config which
was finding the system /usr/lib libraries and includes.)  I fixed that
by using PKG_CONFIG_PATH to specify /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig so it would
pick up the new libraries.

I build exiv2 and libkdcraw from SVN OK.

When I try to build libkexiv2 however I get errors that look like maybe
an incompatibility between exiv2-svn and libkexiv2-svn.  The errors are
as follows:

[  8%] Building CXX object libkexiv2/CMakeFiles/kexiv2.dir/kexiv2.o
/root/digikam-svn/libkexiv2/libkexiv2/kexiv2.cpp: In member function
'bool KExiv2Iface::KExiv2::loadFromData(const QByteArray&) const':
/root/digikam-svn/libkexiv2/libkexiv2/kexiv2.cpp:277: error: 'e' was not
declared in this scope
/root/digikam-svn/libkexiv2/libkexiv2/kexiv2.cpp: In member function
'virtual bool KExiv2Iface::KExiv2::load(const QString&) const':
/root/digikam-svn/libkexiv2/libkexiv2/kexiv2.cpp:326: error: 'e' was not
declared in this scope
/root/digikam-svn/libkexiv2/libkexiv2/kexiv2.cpp: In member function
'bool KExiv2Iface::KExiv2::save(const QString&) const':
/root/digikam-svn/libkexiv2/libkexiv2/kexiv2.cpp:514: error: 'e' was not
declared in this scope

That occurs for all catch's in libkexiv2 and I believe it's because of a
change in exiv2 with Exiv2::Error.

Additionally if I temporarily comment out all use of Exiv2::Error then I
get link issues with Exiv2::ExifData::erase

If I specify exiv2 version 0.19 then I can build libkexiv2.  However I
then have problems building digikam itself.

Any help, hints, RTFMs would be greatly appreciated.

My apologies if on the wrong list or if it's been covered (I tried lots
of googling but didn't find much aside from the idea to fall back to
0.19.)  I know others have been building fine so I'm not sure if it's my
Gentoo system or just a user problem...

I'm a long time C programmer but not much C++ so was looking at Digikam
because I like it and because I thought it would give me an opportunity
to gain more C++ experience.  But it also means that I'm unfortunately
quite a noob at these issues at this time.


Todd Goodman

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