[Digikam-devel] libkdcraw release cycle

Julien Narboux jnarboux at narboux.fr
Tue Mar 30 17:25:12 BST 2010

Nicolas Lécureuil a écrit :
> Le Mardi 30 Mars 2010 18:12:02, Julien Narboux a écrit :
>> Hi,
>> Did I understand well that raw support in Digikam depends in libkdcraw
>> of kde, which includes libraw, which includes dcraw ?
>> This means that if a new camera is supported by dcraw then one need to
>> wait for a new release of libraw, a new release of libkdcraw,  a new
>> release of kde, and finally a new relase of his favorite distribution ?
>> Julien
> hi,
> i think that the best is to do a bugreport on your distro bugzilla to ask them 
> to patch their KDE.
So you answers means yes but not mandriva because you are updating the 
relevant packages ?

Note I was not complaining, I wanted to know if I understood well. I 
think it is counter intuitive that free software can often be updated 
more easily on windows than on linux (as firefox for example).


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