[Digikam-devel] Some ideas for Reverse Geocoding project

Gabriel Voicu ping.gabi at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 00:25:13 GMT 2010


Thank you Michael Hansen and ´╗┐Gilles Caulier for reply. The informations
from Michael Hansens reply were very usefull and I understood better what I
have to do.

Today was a look-at-Digikams-code day, and I thought at some ideas. First of
all, I would integrate the reverse geocoding part into the GPS Correlator.
There I would integrate three checkboxes: one for country, one for city and
one for street. When a user check at least one checkbox, a button will
appear. If the user clicks that button, a tree view with tags of the
selected image + 3 separate tags (Country, City and Street) would appear.
Then, with drag and drop, the user will take those three tags and put them
where he wants in tag hierarchy. After all these operations, Google Maps Api
will do its job and the new resulted tags will be where the user wanted to

For the reverse geocoding task, I would like to provide a backend for
geonames.org and OpenStreetMap. The user will choose where the information
will come from.

Another idea was to use wikipedia service from geonames.org to show
informations about the city or the country where the picture was taken.

These would be my ideas for today, tommorow I will look more at Digikam and
GPSSync Kipi plugin code to understand them better. If you have some
suggestions about my ideas or what should I do more, please tell me.

Thank you and have a nice day!


Gabriel Voicu
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