[Digikam-devel] [Bug 148540] Improvements of adding noise tool

Julien Narboux Julien at narboux.fr
Mon Mar 22 17:38:42 GMT 2010


--- Comment #48 from Julien Narboux <Julien narboux fr>  2010-03-22 18:38:34 ---

Yes these defautl values are fine with me (I set this myself). The logic is the
following: film grain in real life is higher in midtones than in highlights and
shadows. Beginners do not know that and should use the default value. Experts
can change these values.

Concerning gaussian noise, I agree that we should add this and maybe only this
one otherwise we will have something too complicated, that only mathematicians
can understand. So we can replace the randomize function which compute a
uniform noise by a function to compute a gaussian noise.

Another thing on the todo list: make the size of the noise adjustable, for the
time being the size of the noise = the size of a pixel it is not realistic. We
need an option to choose the size of the noise et to choose the "contrast" of
the noise. So we need to generate the noise in a different layer, resize it and
add it to the picture.


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