[Digikam-devel] [Bug 228869] Rename image and overwriting existing messes up the thumbnail display

Andyfloe Andreas.Floeter at web.de
Sat Mar 13 10:50:44 GMT 2010


--- Comment #8 from Andyfloe <Andreas Floeter web de>  2010-03-13 11:50:41 ---
I have been on a business travel there my feedback is a little delayed. Sorry
about that.

I scanned slides. After all have been processed I fire up digikam. Then I do a
quality check and possibly re-scan some slides. The new slide might have the
name e.g. "dfd20100227_0086.jpg". I select it and with right click I choose
operation "rename" which would be F2. The slide which did not meet my quality
expectations might be "dfd20100227_0015.jpg". Therefore I rename
"dfd20100227_0086.jpg" to "dfd20100227_0015.jpg" and knowledge that I overwrite
it. During this operation it might be that I already re-scan another slide
which goes to the same folder with name e.g. "dfd20100227_0086.jpg". 

It is not happening all the time that a thumbnail of the image in this folder
gets corrupted by this kind of operations. But it is not necessarily the image
which I renamed which has the wrong thumbnail associated to it.

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