[Digikam-devel] [Bug 229888] Speed up "Scan for new items at startup"

Vlado Plaga rechner at vlado-do.de
Fri Mar 12 17:34:01 GMT 2010


--- Comment #6 from Vlado Plaga <rechner vlado-do de>  2010-03-12 18:33:59 ---
I did some additional tests, even copied my pictures and database to ext3
partitions, but the scan still takes about 20 seconds. I guess this is just
because the G4 really is a rather slow CPU (if its "AltiVec" instructions are
not used). I also checked the startup speed on my AMD64 notebook computer for
comparison, and just as you, Marcel, wrote it, the scan just takes a few
seconds, about two, actually (that's with digiKam beta-5 in Kubuntu).

DigiKam startup under MacOS (with digiKam 1.0-rc) was even slower than on
99 seconds (including 29 seconds scanning for new images) on the first start,
and 60 seconds (including 22 seconds scanning for new images) when I shut it
down and started it again.

But is digiKam checking the file dates against different dates from its
database? If yes, why doesn't it just take the last startup date as a
reference? It seems like digiKam always writes its config file, so that file
date could simply be used as a reference.

For my purposes I wrote a shell script that makes digiKam only check for new
images if "find" finds new images. I'll attach that. Maybe someone else with an
old computer can compare the find command's performance to the normal digiKam
scan duration. I'm sorry the attachment was committed to this bug before the

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