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--- Comment #97 from Rohan Anil <rohan anil gmail com>  2010-03-10 01:20:22 ---
I dont think MACE Filter would be the way to go. The module i am working on is
pam-face-authentication is for authentication that is 1 vs 1 matching. For the
design - i had to choose between security vs speed (real-time) vs usability. So
adapting it for recognition is out of question. So I dont think its fair to
compare it for use in recognition :). And question about face detection - its
an implementation available on OpenCV based on a method by Viola and Jones. If
you want the performance numbers - http://www.lienhart.de/. He has a paper on
it. Also again pam-face-authentication is for realtime authentication - So you
have to provide your frontal face to the webcam! :) . I have bigger plans for
the authentication system once i perfect my AAM implementation
http://code.google.com/p/aam-opencv/, Currently the issue is some manual
supervision is required which is a NO-GO with a normal user. It just has to
work out of the box. Although the results from AAM-Tracking to Recognition is
just phenomenal. 

Now coming to the task at hand. We are looking at the topic of unconstrained
face recognition. Best - research for our photo tagging - could be to implement
the best performing algorithm from http://vis-www.cs.umass.edu/lfw/ results. We
could go with a support vector machine implementation with highly efficient
features. But bottle-neck is the time required for training. Can we compromise
over training time ? The more pictures you have more training time. Now we
should pickup an algorithm which does not require retraining over the entire
set for new images. I think i can code this over this/next weekend. But need
help with integrating with the code base. If anyone could provide me an api
spec of how the class should be like I would like a go at it..


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