[Digikam-devel] [Bug 229888] Speed up "Scan for new items at startup"

Vlado Plaga rechner at vlado-do.de
Mon Mar 8 21:33:20 GMT 2010


--- Comment #3 from Vlado Plaga <rechner vlado-do de>  2010-03-08 22:33:18 ---
But couldn't digiKam just use the system's "find" command to check whether
there are any new pictures? In a most primitive implementation digiKam would
not even need to use the find results, but just start doing its own search for
new pictures only in case "find" finds something (which at least on my computer
would not be true in most cases anyway).

I don't know what "barriers" in file systems are, but I've got my pictures on a
hfsplus file system, so I can also access them from Mac OS X. My computer is a
2003 model, iMac G4 1GHz (with 1.5 GByte RAM and a relatively new 2.5" internal
hard drive).

Here are again some digiKam startup times on my system:

30 seconds (1st start, not scanning for new items)
45 seconds (2nd start, scanning for new items)
20 seconds (3rd start, not scanning for new items)
40 seconds (4th start, scanning for new items)

So it is quite obvious that scanning for new items consumes about 20 seconds,
which can be about 50% of the overall startup time, if digiKam had been loaded
before. "find", as I wrote before, initially took just about 4 seconds scanning
through my 13,000 pictures, and takes less than 1 second now that digiKam
scanned through the pictures (files) already...

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