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Johannes Wienke languitar at semipol.de
Sun Mar 7 17:50:45 GMT 2010

Hi at all,

Am 07.03.2010 18:45 schrieb Andi Clemens:
> SVN commit 1100518 by aclemens:
> When switching preview modes, make sure to render the filter to see the effect.
> Maybe this can be improved by disconnecting this when the Try button is set.
> Right now every filter will autofire on preview mode change (but we do this
> also for resizeEvents, so maybe it isn't bad at all)...

This was something that already annoyed me a lot. Because of the strange
sidebar splitter restore problem I always have to resize the sidebar and
everytime the filter fires. Especially for long running filters this is
confusing because there is only that tiny progress bar at the bottom
indicating that something has started working. Not a good user feedback.


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