[Digikam-devel] [Bug 229370] ICC profile in Colors tab incorrect for nef raw images, also crashes digikam for some profiles

Matti Rintala bitti at cs.tut.fi
Sat Mar 6 17:16:05 GMT 2010


--- Comment #6 from Matti Rintala <bitti cs tut fi>  2010-03-06 18:15:59 ---

1) Yes, AdobeRGB jpegs work correctly in my machine also.

2) I got the impression that sRGB conversion is used for thumbnails only (for
archival purposes), not embedded previews viewed normally? But yes, a choice
has to be made here. For raw, either the colour tab should show the colour
space of the embedded preview (stored in EXIF) or it should inform the user
that a raw file does not have a colour space as such (unless you count the
"raw" colour space of the sensor, but that info is not always stored in the raw

For me either option is fine. I just tried the colour tab out of curiosity. :-)

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