[Digikam-devel] [Bug 226239] Clicking on windows ajust tool zoom the image but the view port does not correspond to the selection

Manuel kde.20.micorreo at spamgourmet.com
Wed Mar 3 16:23:59 GMT 2010


--- Comment #4 from Manuel <kde 20 micorreo spamgourmet com>  2010-03-03 17:23:58 ---
Excuse me Gilles, level 8 is an user level problem or between the
keyboard and my chair,  iso levels cover 1 to 7.

The new digikam 1.1 doesn't include Ctrl-Alt-S equivalence icon in the
button toolbar. Digikam <1.1 has it in upper toolbar. As far as I
understand all view related button was moved from upper toolbar to the
bottom one.

   I did use keyboard shorcut because my desktop is in spanish and I
don't know how translate the menu option equivalent to buttons.


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