[Digikam-devel] [Bug 210259] Scan crashed on multi-layer TIFFs

Andreas Huggel ahuggel at gmx.net
Wed Mar 3 12:30:41 GMT 2010


--- Comment #18 from Andreas Huggel <ahuggel gmx net>  2010-03-03 13:30:32 ---
> So I checked the latest version of exiv2 out of svn (using the instructions on
> the website), compiled that via cmake, make, sudo make install. 

Good. The current trunk is better than 0.19. But instead of cmake, do

$ make config; ./configure; make; sudo make install

(cmake is highly experimental - see README-cmake)

> Then I
> re-compiled digikam, via cmake, make, sudo make install.
> Now if I hit Help->Component information, it says:
> (abridged)
> digiKam version 1.2.0 (rev.: 1098216)
> LibExiv2: 0.18.2
> I can't understand why the new version of libexiv2 isn't overwriting the old
> version. Any thoughts? 

Did you re-compile libkexiv2? - note the 'k' If not, that's probably the issue. 

> I also notice that the command line program 'exiv2'
> doesn't get installed - I have to manually run it from the compiled src
> directory. Perhaps the install is just silently failing?

Compile & install exiv2 as suggested above and it will get installed. But this
won't fix your other problem.

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