[Digikam-devel] [Bug 210259] Scan crashed on multi-layer TIFFs

Andreas Huggel ahuggel at gmx.net
Wed Mar 3 04:21:48 GMT 2010


--- Comment #16 from Andreas Huggel <ahuggel gmx net>  2010-03-03 05:21:44 ---
What version of exiv2 are you using? Run the following command to check
(assuming you have the exiv2 utility installed, not only the library)

$ exiv2 -V

If it's 0.19, can you post the output of this:

$ ls -la *.TIFF
$ time exiv2 *.TIFF >/dev/null

If it's < 0.19, pls upgrade to 0.19 and re-compile digikam + libkexiv2 against


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